The American Dream

 Like the American dream, paradise can only exist with money. Therefore only the wealthy can enjoy this and even then it is spoilt by the poverty surrounding it. The American Dream is a paradox, just like the paradise of Salinas River. They cannot exist because they contradict themselves. Paradise is bliss but how can this exist with so much poverty and suffering in the world? Symbolism embodies an abstract idea or concept by using an object or character. In the parable, The Pearl, Steinbeck uses symbolism extensively to create and develop the novel’s themes. The pearl of the book’s title is a symbol, which develops from a paradise of hopes and dreams, to a destructive centre of evil. The dream is simply wanting to re-create happier times as a child, when George said they would have pigeons: “An’ we’d keep a few pigeons to go flyin’ around the win’mill like they done when I was a kid”. He wants to keep the good memories from his childhood alive, by re-enacting them. They also dream of

Physical Beauty

 Inner Beauty to Physical Beauty There are two categories of beauty: inner beauty and physical beauty. Physical beauty is exterior beauty, which is pleasing to the eye. Inner beauty relates to an individual’s personality and character traits, which are pleasing to the heart. Usually, you can spot a person who has a deep inner beauty by the bright shine coming from their eyes. Physical beauty may give someone their fifteen minutes of fame, but inner beauty gives someone a lifetime of fame. In my opinion, more importance should be paid to inner beauty rather than physical beauty. Physical beauty and inner beauty are two completely different things. As every different person has a different opinion about these two forms of beauty, it is hard to say which one everyone gives more importance to, but most people can appreciate inner beauty because it is genuine. The way they are defined, how they are achieved and even the value of the beauties makes them different in nature. Both physical and


 Some people may believe that ‘salvation’ comes to those who deserve it. Others may believe that salvation comes to those who seek it. Still, there are those who believe that salvation is not a ‘privilege’ but is rather a free gift for all. But for Langston Hughes, it appears that salvation for him is not what it seems to be. Salvation is such a broad concept that it simply cannot be confined within the closed spaces of churches and congregations alone. If, indeed, salvation is free for all then why must there be a need to encroach ourselves into religious orders? And for God or Allah’s name, where among these hundreds, if not thousands, of religious dominions are we to find salvation? “Salvation” is an account of a young boy of twelve of his experience with his faith. It tells the story of a Langston who at this impressionable young age, became confused by the accounts of the other members of this congregation and his own personal experience with salvation. The setting of this story i


 As well as definitions, general drug information, and other factors of these variables. Then, there was primary research used to compare the findings from the secondary research to just a sample of students from the Catholic Central High School community. In order to further research the topic of the effects of drug use on high school students and its correlation to educational achievement, 24 surveys were conducted within the Catholic Central High School community (refer to appendix, pg. Factors that impact a child’s life are whether their mother abused drugs or alcohol while pregnant, and if they’ve grown up in difficult living situations, but there are some solutions offered by this documentary. You’re pregnant,” are the words some people dread, people like teenagers and drug users. Drug users, whose only concern is becoming high and acquiring money for drugs, will not properly care for a child. 3%) feel that students who drop out of high school are stereotyped as people who are in


 The euphoria is sometimes followed by feelings of discomfort and depression and a craving to experience the drug again. Sexual interest and pleasure can be amplified. Side effects can include twitching, paranoia, and impotence, which usually increase with frequent usage. 3. Methamphetamine Methamphetamime, popularly shortened to meth or ice, is a psychostimulant and sympathomimetic drug. It is considered mainly a recreational drug that’s often used with sex and associated with club drugs, as an entheogen, and a tool in use to supplement various types of practices for transcendence including in meditation, psychonautics, and illicit psychedelic psychotherapy whether self administered or not. The primary effects of MDMA include an increased awareness of the senses, feelings of openness, euphoria, empathy, love,happiness, heightened self-awareness, feeling of mental clarity and an increased appreciation of music and movement. Tactile sensations are enhanced for some users, making physica

Song Cycle Romantic

 Songs of our ancestors were more of recitative but the melody exudes customs, traditions, and aspirations of the people. Many of these songs were sung by non-Christian tribes. Early Filipinos had songs for the various activities. According to Agoncillo and Zaide, early Filipinos had: 1. Ordinary songs (diyuna, talindaw) 2. It is best adapted to the reading/singing of the Passion of our Lord during the Holy Week. It is also sung in monotone. b. Palimos is a song of the blind asking for alms c. Kumintang is the oldest and most popular song among Christian Filipinos. It is a nocturnal song sung to the accompaniment of the violin/guitar. In fact, the school system suppresses the “Judaism” and teaches children how fun and pleasant it is to be a Christian at Christmas. The children learned songs such as “Holy Night” and “Deck the Halls” (page 2 lines 26-27) and the teachers became disturbingly happy, because now they feel at home, with Christian songs and Christian atmosphere and “Christian

Violent Media is Good for Kids

 According to The National Centre for physical development, playing can develop children’s gross motor skills, which increases their ability to remember new information. Spending time outside can benefits children to determine new things and make sense of the world around them when they are outside. 3.5 Social Benefits When kids are playing outdoors with other kids, they are learning about relationships and how to behave as a member of a group. The essay “Kid Kustomers” by Eric Schlosser talks about how children got sucked into the idea of consumerism. It all started in the 1980’s with parents wasting more money on their kids. Now companies such as Kid2Kid, the Gepetoo Group, and Just Kids and other big corporations specialize in finding ways to get kids to buy their products. At daycares kids learn to see the differences between others kids, they might find people who speaks different languages or belong to a different ethnicity. So they start to see the world it’s different outside o